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Boston Bioskills Lab is pleased to introduce a new virtual training services solution powered by Avail Procedural Telemedicine™.

Boston, MA January 27, 2021- Boston Bioskills Lab, LLC, a leading provider of surgeon training clinical trial and bioskills lab services, today announced that is has rolled-out a new remote training services offering through Avail Medsystems, a medical technology company pioneering telemedicine for the procedure room (“Procedural TelemedicineTM”) and remote training for surgeons. The Avail platform provides BBL clients access to real-time collaboration services between surgeon training performed at BBL and remote participants located in other parts of the United States and around the globe.

The demand for live-streaming training services has been emerging for several years now, largely attributable to the volume and pace of roll-out for new and innovative surgery techniques and medical devices, and has increased exponentially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Avail Console

The Avail Procedural Telemedicine™ System is a purpose-built hardware and software solution that includes multiple remotely controllable HD pan-tilt-zoom cameras and surgical imaging views provided via a console located in BBL, the ability to remotely annotate over live video and imaging, and split or freeze the views during two-way communication. Attendees join the livestreaming event through a secure web portal, while a proctor and/or any remote moderators self-direct the cameras.

BBL offers these services as an extension to in-house training events or as a primary solution where space, or other limitations and restrictions, prohibit live in-person surgeon training. 

BBL is mission-driven to deliver dynamic medical education services to meet the evolving needs of our clients. “We are extremely excited about BBL’s new remote surgeon training services powered by Avail Medsystems.  It will expand the reach and accessibility of requisite teaching, training, and learning capabilities and advance the introduction of innovative surgical techniques designed to achieve better patient outcomes,” said Chris McGeown, President & CEO of Boston Bioskills Lab, LLC.

Avail CEO Daniel Hawkins said, “The Avail System not only supports the immediate need for virtual medical training brought on by COVID-19, but it also transforms the future of clinical education,

About Boston Bioskills Lab, LLC
Clinical know-how, extraordinary amenities and an ideal learning location make Boston Bioskills Lab the premier choice for surgeon training, clinical trial, and related product (Medical Device) development.  Our state-of-the-art bioskills facilities in Boston, MA; Providence, RI and Beijing, China are meticulously designed from the ground up with the particular-needs and interests of surgeons.


About Avail Medsystems

Avail Medsystems is a pioneering medical technology company that removes the barriers of in-person medical procedure collaboration. With a customer-centric business model, Avail’s end-to-end hardware/software Procedural TelemedicineTM platform digitizes physical presence and enables on-the-go, HIPAA compliant collaboration among a network of healthcare professionals and industry experts

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