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Avail Console

The Avail Procedural Telemedicine™ System is a purpose-built hardware and software solution that includes multiple remotely controllable HD pan-tilt-zoom cameras and surgical imaging views provided via a console located in BBL, the ability to remotely annotate over live video and imaging, and split or freeze the views during two-way communication. Attendees join the livestreaming event through a secure web portal, while a proctor and/or any remote moderators self-direct the cameras.
Boston Bioskills Lab provides remote training services through Avail Medsystems, a medical technology company pioneering telemedicine for the procedure room (Procedural TelemedicineTM) and remote training for surgeons. The Avail platform provides BBL clients access to real-time collaboration services between surgeon training performed at BBL and remote participants located in other parts of the United States and around the globe.
The demand for live-streaming training services has been emerging for several years now, largely attributable to the volume and pace of roll-out for new and innovative surgery techniques and medical devices, and has increased exponentially in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.
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BBL offers these services as an extension to in-house training events or as a primary solution where space, or other limitations and restrictions, prohibit live in-person surgeon training. 
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